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 A fire alarm bell

Early detection saves lives

Smoke alarms are the most important pieces of fire safety equipment you could provide for your business. Even if no one has been trained to fight the fire and there isn't any fire-fighting equipment, a triggered smoke alarm gives people time to get safely out of the building before the fire takes hold.

We sell a wide range of smoke detectors and can advise you which type is right for your business and how many you should have.

Where to place them

There are areas in some businesses that wouldn't suit smoke alarms. Smoke alarms work through particle detection, so if you work in the kind of business that produces a lot of dust, steam or other airborne particles, smoke alarms would be triggered too frequently.

However, there are bound to be some areas of your premises that would suit a smoke alarm. Ideally you should mix and match smoke alarms with heat detectors, to give your premises optimum protection.

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